The vineyard of Château chêne liège 2019

264.60  TTC

With great energy, the length is intense and scintillating.

This is a powerful wine with great aging potential, adding to the Domaine’s prize list.

Quantity: 6 bottles

The 2019 cork oak reveals a deep color, dark garnet.

100% Merlot.

Its nose
Sports a wide fruity palette, wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberry and blackcurrant cream. This set is completed with aromas of oriental spices.

The soft and creamy texture precedes the fruity, complex, powerful and warm flavors.

Food and wine pairing
Pomerol wines go perfectly with red meat and all types of hard cheese or perhaps served as an aperitif.

Conditions of the Vintage
2019 harvest: favourable weather conditions.
At the end of April, flowering was quite heterogeneous, due in part to a humid climate. Nevertheless, the month of July, very dry, made it possible to remedy this delicate period but generated a little water stress at the end of the heat wave.
Fortunately, at the beginning of August, two periods of rainfall were very beneficial to remedy this beginning of drought in the vineyards. Thus, veraison could begin and was quite homogeneous. Veraison is a very important step. This is the time when the berries of Merlots and Cabernets change color and are loaded with sugar to become grapes. They change from green to bright red. When veraison is homogeneous as was the case in 2019, it is a sign of quality
Finally, the first days of September mark a temperate climate with cool nights favoring a good concentration. All the conditions are therefore met to move towards a very beautiful vintage.
I think we are heading for a great vintage in 9
It will be necessary to wait until the end of September to start the harvest of the first Merlot and following the Cabernets. Many criteria are already met at the consecration of a great vintage. Indeed, the conditions during the picking of berries are also very important. I crossed my fingers for good sunshine, with temperatures of 27 to 30 ° C and cool mornings. My wish has been granted for the moment.