The vineyard of Château chêne liège 2020

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The vineyard of Château chêne liège is composed of two grape varieties 95% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc.

The vines of 45 years on average benefit from a terroir among the best exposed to the sun of Pomerol. The grapes of this vintage are nourished here by a terroir made half of clay and the other of gravel. The whole rests on a basement of iron grime. This makes it possible to obtain after vinification, following the blending of fine, elegant and very racy wines. Her deep dress is black.

Quantity: 6 bottles

The terroir
Located in the heart of the appellation of Montagne-Saint Emilion, the enclosure of the Croix de Nau property of 3 hectares benefits from a fairly homogeneous terroir of molasse of limestone or gravelly nature, relatively close to that of the North of the appellation of Saint Emilion, these satellite wines have a texture that is reminiscent of that of their illustrious neighbors

100 % Merlot

The nose
Opens on aromas of blackberry and a nice freshness.

The substance is smooth, balanced and refined.

Food and wine pairing
Pomerol wines go perfectly with red meat and all types of hard cheese or perhaps served as an aperitif

The conditions of the Millésime
Unlike some years, 2020 is shaping up to be a technical vintage to mitigate the effects of the climate. As for yields ranging from 20 to 55 hectolitres/hectare
In 2020 I noticed on my vineyard and among my three names that there will be quite different wine profiles, depending on the terroirs, cultivation methods and rootstocks, I could see in my case that the plant did not react in the same way from one plot to another.
It is a vintage in contrast, colorful and powerful, between fruity and spicy. It will be a vintage of personalities following the wine and oenological itineraries chosen by each, I think that today it is imperative to adapt and accompany climate change.