Our vineyards


Since 1896, four generations of the Niarfeix family have been committed to sublimating the terroir of the three appellations of their land: Pomerol, Lalande de Pomerol and Montagne Saint-Emilion. This is the secret of this exceptional wine*, certainly the tradition according to which it continues to be harvested, harvested only by hand and vinified in an ancestral way.
cuve chene chateau chene liege
On the other hand, this vineyard enjoys an exceptional terroir, facing south and thus benefiting from a privileged sunshine. Located on the way to Santiago de Compostela and opposite the church of Pomerol, this family estate rubs shoulders with other prestigious vineyards such as Petrus, La Fleur Pétrus and La Conseillante known and recognized in France and internationally.

We do not force nature,
we guide it

cuve chene chateau chene liege
chais du chateau chene liege

"Because of its history, Château Chêne Liège combines both tradition and modernity"

The search for excellence without compromise has been the philosophy of the estate for several decades now, thanks to an exceptional terroir and an approach based on precision and tradition.
cour du chateau chene liege
vigne chateau chene liege
by its history the cork oak castle combines both tradition and modernity It is also in 2022 that a new cuvée is created an exceptional cuvée made exclusively from grape varieties from the Pomerol plateau and will be produced in very limited quantities